Storage is another big part of removals. Whether you need storage until your new house is ready, or are carrying out renovations or repairs, with our containerised storage we can offer a flexible and cost-effective option. All of our lorries are purpose-built for the loading and unloading of storage containers, which allows us to bring the containers with us to your home. The crew will then pack your belongings and personal effects straight into the containers and make a detailed inventory of everything. Customers are free to supervise at every stage.

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Storage Options

Swift Shift Removals offer a high quality secure storage service in Antrim, with a newly built 20,000 square foot warehouse. Swift Shifts storage team can pack and seal your storage container from your home or workplace and transport to custom a built safe, secure, dry and rodent free containerised storage facility where it remains undisturbed until customers are ready for its return. Swift Shift Removals provide 24 hour security with CCTV camera security. A computerised management system means that the company can locate your goods at any time for shipping or delivering.

Furniture is handled only once into storage therefore saving the customer money.

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Domestic & Commercial Storage in Antrim

Is your business expanding? Are you simply overstocked? Do you need extra archiving space? Or simply need a safe, secure location for your personal belongings? Swift Shift Removals offer a secure and simple storage solution.

Swift Shift Removals in Northern Ireland provide a secure, cost effective and hassle free way to store personal or business items. With a low rental price for both long and short term storage in Antrim with full insurance cover included. Customers can be guaranteed peace of mind. Our secure modern, dry storage units are easily accessible and a full array of packing materials is available from Swift Shift Removals with a delivery and collection service available also.

Create Space

Swift Shift Removals offers you the opportunity to create space, clear surfaces, turn junk rooms back into bedrooms which will enhance the appearance of your property to prospective buyers. A skilled removal team will visit your home to pack unwanted items and deliver them to our storage facility. They will be securely stored and transported back to you when you have moved to your new home.

Prices vary depending on the amount to be stored and the time spent in storage.

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Down Sizing or Moving into Temporary Accommodation

Have you sold your home and need to move out to keep your buyer happy? You may be moving to a smaller house and you need temporary storage for excess furniture, Swift Shift Removals can assist you with their de-cluttering service. We will arrive at your home with a purpose built van which will be preloaded with containers and packing materials.

As each item is carefully loaded into the container a detailed inventory is completed and you will be given a copy.

Your belongings will be delivered to our storage facility and securely stored in our warehouse. Arrangements can be made for these to be delivered to your new home at your convenience.

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