Commercial Removals

Swift Shift Removals are a specialist removals company offering commercial removals, office removals, office relocation and business storage services. Based in County Antrim, Northern Ireland the company are ideally located to serve customers in Northern Ireland, for local business removals, but also nationally to England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Swift Shift Removals are a family run organisation which was established in 1984, and to this day still operate their business within the family.

Whether your business is moving to new premises, your company is relocating to other offices or you require storage whilst in-between premises, Swift Shift Removals are here to help. We are a dedicated and professional removals team, specialising in commercial removals, as highlighted by our BS 8522 Accreditation for Commercial Moving.

Swift Shift Removals can take care of every aspect of your office move – we can even pack everything for you. Alternatively, if you wish to pack yourself we can provide you with plastic crates or cardboard boxes to have you ready for moving day. We can also dismantle and re-assemble your office furniture, if required.

Lidded Crates

610mm x 405mm x 315mm
80l capacity

removals belfast
removals belfast

Environmental Policy - Crates

Environmental impact is a concern which we at Swift Shift Removals consider a priority and constantly analyse, reflected by us receiving our ISO 14001 accreditation for Environmental Management Systems. In all areas of our company we strive to use recycled or renewable materials and we aim to help companies reduce their carbon footprint through the use of rental crates.

Where possible, all raw materials are from a sustainable source, and our crates are manufactured in a tough polypropylene which is 100% recyclable. They are also washed after every use to ensure high standards of cleanliness. The crates are also stackable, which reduces the space needed to transport them - meaning less vehicles on the road.

Benefits of using our plastic crates:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable
  • Stronger than cardboard boxes and can therefore be used to transfer a wider variety of items
  • They can withstand the elements, therefore providing better protection
  • They can be stacked and have handles to help with carrying
removals belfast

Useful Tips - Crates

  • Ensure that you always lift crates correctly - bending the knees and keeping your back straight. Do not try to lift more than three nested together
  • Never place on desk or other polished surface
  • Never stow loaded ones more than three high
  • When packing high shelves or the top two drawers of filing cabinets, build two empties as a base and place the one you're packing on top, to minimise bending. This will also make lifting them out of your way easier
  • Before lifting these away, gently try the weight, be prepared to unpack to a manageable weight - If you can't comfortably lift them down from the shelves, our men won't be able to carry them very far!
  • Use a sensible system of labelling, marking not where they come from but where they are destined - ensure everyone concerned understands it!
  • Don't stick labels on the top of the crates, but attach to the right hand end, this will allow you to find any in a stow that you may need in a hurry
  • When packing files, books or similar sequential matter, pack from left to right placing a second label on the inside of the left hand end to let whoever is unpacking know where to start. This will speed up sequential re-stowing
  • If packing confidential or valuable matter, do order and use the uniquely numbered seals Swift Shift Removals provide, also make sure to take note of label and seal numbers
  • If packing fragile items, ensure they are adequately wrapped with the heavier items on the bottom, and more delicate items on top. Use extra wrapping material to form cushions under each layer and fill voids